Dynamic Letter Generation

Aquiller Correspondence ManagementGenerate high quality employee correspondence from SAP, with deep integration to data within SAP HCM.

Arch Aquiller provides a simple, intelligent and cost effective SAP usability solution for improving the efficiency of HR operations. Employee correspondence can be generated in a matter of minutes, leaving your HR professionals to focus on value-added activity.

With Arch Aquiller, users can easily collect and classify business content from across the enterprise, building hundreds of letters with dynamic content based on business rules. Once the letter templates are defined, then the letters can be generated automatically in a variety of ways.

The templates are assembled and merged with SAP data to generate a finalized letter in PDF format, ready for print, e-mail, archive and saving back to the SAP system. This enables organizations to rapidly respond to changing business demands, whilst maintaining an auditable and manageable portfolio of letters and contracts.

Aquiller is designed for both continuous and ad-hoc use across the enterprise. This can range from HR professionals who regularly need to send a wide variety of standard letters to employees, to managers who create occasional correspondences with partners and customers, as well as the legal department who need to raise and manage complex contracts as part of their day-to-day business.

Employee Correspondence

Generate and manage every employee letter directly from SAP Business Suite. Arch Aquiller supports manual letter requests, a variety of automatic letter triggers, and letter approval workflows. With Arch Aquiller you can integrate employee correspondence with ESS and MSS processes and with SAP Fiori LaunchPad and SAP Screen Personas for enhanced user experience. Plus the generated letter is entirely customizable with your corporate standards to deliver the same quality user experience to your employees at every touch-point.

Contract Generation

Use Arch Aquiller for all your employee contract generation. This provides high security for contracts and ensures that the contracts are in line with the pay and benefits stored within SAP. It leads to an enormous reduction of manual work and a reduction in business risk. The generated contract can be routed for checking before being issued, and a copy automatically saved on the employee file.

Pensions Auto Enrolment

Arch Aquiller provides everything you need to generate employee letters from SAP’s pension auto-enrolment solution. It even includes pre-delivered letter templates that can be fully customized. Arch Aquiller also automatically captures a full audit trail, so you can see exactly what letters were dispatched, to which employees and on which dates.

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What Our Clients Say

The Arch Aquiller application is a cost effective way to produce a high volume of letters and was an easy first choice on the product selection process.
Tim Harvey, Lloyds Banking Group

Aquiller is extremely easy to use, with self-explanatory screens and commands. We can roll this out with minimal training to our business users, who are quickly able to build their own letter templates.
Naresh Sabharwal, Amey