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10th April 2014

FLM 295 SP5 with Microsoft Excel support

Today Arch is announcing the general availability of the latest service pack for FLM. This includes support for the mass creation of forms processes using Microsoft Excel.

Customers with existing forms can automatically generate Excel spreadsheets from FLM, that support existing business logic for pre-population, drop-down lists and data validation, and trigger form routing and SAP updates without any extra code development.


“With FLM we can now trigger forms processes using an Excel upload, or use an Excel spreadsheet to enter form data instead of a PDF or HTML form” said Jennifer Davis, Direct of Product Management. “This is an important step on our journey to support many user interfaces, turning FLM into a multi-UI form process hub for SAP.”

18th March 2014

SAP HANA certification for FLM

FLM has now achieved certified integration with SAP® applications. The solution has been proven to integrate with SAP solutions, providing customers running SAP Business Suite on HANA with an enterprise solution for managing e-forms processes.

The SAP Integration and Certification Center has certified that FLM v295 SP4 integrates with SAP HANA to exchange critical data with instances of SAP Business Suite software.

“We are delighted to announce the successful achievement of SAP certification for FLM”, said Henry Blythe, CEO. “Since FLM is already certified for SAP NetWeaver, customers can be confident that they can exploit the value of FLM no matter how they deploy ERP, on-premise or in the cloud.”

3rd February 2014

Lloyds Banking Group go live with Aquiller

We are delighted to have been working with Lloyds Banking Group and HCL on a major deployment of Aquiller, involving hundreds of letter templates, thousands of paragraphs and integration with a document archiving system, across multiple business units. Employee correspondence for scenarios such as joiners, leaver, maternity, pensions enrolment, vacation and promotion are now generated from Aquiller, as well as complex employee contracts, all integrated with SAP HCM data.

“We have successfully implemented the Aquiller application to produce 7-10k letters per month for our SAP HR system. The Arch product integrated easily with the SAP ERP with a minimum of customisation. Arch provided appropriate support from start to finish making this a very straight forward business change; being easy to work with and pragmatic at all times, Arch provide a great product and excellent support and guidance for any team implementing the application. The Arch Aquiller application is a cost effective way to produce a high volume of letters and was an easy first choice on the product selection process.” Tim Harvey, CIO Group Functions Project Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

17th January 2014

FirstEnergy go live with FLM

FirstEnergy, one of the United States’ largest investor-owned utility companies, is using FLM for SAP HR e-forms processes.

“Getting more US-based customers is extremely important to us.” said  Chris Scott, Director of Business Development.  “We hope that FirstEnergy will gain great benefits from FLM, and that more utilities will follow where they lead.”

Download Success Story.

6th November 2013

SAP launch SAPUI5 version with Arch-delivered components

SAP today made the latest version of the UI Development Toolkit for HTML5, which includes components designed and developed by Arch.

“The new APIs will make it easier for developers to create dialogs containing lists with grouping and search functionality. We have really enjoyed working together with SAP over the summer, and we look forward to collaborating on future projects.” Said Jennifer Davis, Director of Product Management.

The latest version of the SAP software can be downloaded here:

13th May 2013

Arch announce new FLM Portal

Arch today have launched their latest forms portal for FLM. Build using ‘SAPUI5’ technology, this provides an improved user interface for accessing and managing SAP e-forms.

“We decided to re-platform our forms portal in order to deliver a much better experience to users with mobile devices. All our mobile forms now support attachments, and we’ve added various levels of personalisation controls.” said Jennifer Davis, Director of Product Management. “This is our best forms portal ever, and works beautifully on iPads. We have a plan to continue expanding the mobile portal functionality through the coming months, so watch this space!”

3rd May 2013

Amey go-live with Aquiller

Amey, a UK-based services company, have introduced Aquiller to manage employee correspondence for Pensions Auto-enrolment. “We have been working with Amey for over 5 years now, and we are delighted that Aquiller has become part of their standard SAP HCM toolkit.” said Jayne Lumbus, Director of Professional Services.

8th April 2013

FLM for SAP Business Suite on HANA

Arch today have announced that they have completed testing of Forms Lifecycle Manager (FLM) with SAP Business Suite on HANA. “This is exciting news for customers looking to switch to SAP HANA.” said Henry Blythe, CEO. “It means that SAP e-forms will continue to provide benefits to an extended user base on the new SAP platform, and it also means that customers can start looking at new types of decision support built into the e-form.”
See Chris Scott’s blog update on SAP e-forms on HANA for more details.

18th March 2013

Arch launch Aquiller for Pensions Auto Enrolment

18 March, 2013 – Arch today launch Aquiller for Pensions Auto Enrolment. “This enhancement allows Aquiller to seamlessly integrate with the new SAP HCM functionality for PAE.” said Jennifer Davis, Director of Product Management. “We deliver pre-built templates that are easy to for customers to adapt. The development cycle can be over in days or weeks.”
For more information see the Aquiller for PAE brochure and check out Chris Scott’s blog update A simple view on Pensions Auto Enrolment.

2nd February 2013

Arch sponsor more SAP Usability Summits

Arch announce that they will continue to sponsor SAP Usability Summits throughout 2013. Events are planned in Palo Alto, Dallas, London and Singapore. “This is a great opportunity for Arch to work closely with SAP in leading-edge technologies and get feedback from customers. It feeds into our product development, helping to ensure that our products have the closest fit to the expectations of SAP’s most innovative customers” said Chris Scott, Director of Business Development.

30th January 2013

Arch make donation to the Woodland Trust from Aquiller sales

“We are delighted that Arch has chosen the Woodland Trust for their first Aquiller donation.” said Clare Allen [Head of Corporate Partnerships] of the Woodland Trust. “2012 will be a very busy year for the Woodland Trust as we celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with our Jubilee Woods project which will see us plant 6 million trees with help from millions of people across the UK. It is important for us that companies like Arch see the importance of our work.”

2nd January 2013

Northwestern Energy go-live with FLM

US Utility Northwestern Energy has gone live with FLM for HCM forms. The entire project was managed by their internal IT department, and the forms have been introduced to the business within 3 months. “This is a tremendous result for NorthWestern Energy. We are hugely pleased with how they have started using FLM so quickly and easily, and that the project has run so smoothly. We look forward to seeing how they expand their use cases into different areas of the business” said Henry Blythe, Arch CEO.

1st October 2012

FLM for HR framework now shipping

Arch today have announced the general availability of FLM 295 SP3 and of the new ‘FLM for HR’ framework. FLM 295 SP3 includes many out-of-the-box functions for HTML forms, enabling customers to deploy forms on mobile devices with no on-device app or mobile infrastructure. It also includes a new BSP-based forms portal, enabling customers to deploy SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe solutions easily without SAP web Dynpro. FLM for HR makes it much easier to build e-forms for SAP HR. (See demo)

19th September 2012

SAP Community Network Topic Leaders Announced

SAP today announced the SCN Topic Leaders for 2011-2012 and we’re delighted that Chris Scott has been included in the Ecohub category. (View article)
Click here to see all Chris’s content on SAP Community Network.
Update: 17 October, 2012 – Chris joined SCN Topic Leaders and SAP Mentors on stage at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas to receive his award. (View picture)

5th September 2012

Northwestern Energy choose FLM

US Utility Northwestern Energy have selected FLM in order to deliver a wide-ranging set of business forms, including key HR forms processes. “Northwestern Energy have chosen FLM because of it accelerates e-form development and also because it can be used to manage any forms process” said Chris Scott, Head of Business Development at Arch. “They have a very aggressive delivery target and we are looking forward to working with them to enable them to hit that target.”

6th August 2012

Arch sponsor SAP Usability Summit

Arch are proud to announce sponsorship of the SAP Netweaver User Interaction Customer Summit, to be held on 14 August 2012 at the SAP Executive Briefing Center in Philadelphia, PA. The goal of this customer summit is to facilitate a vibrant and interactive community of customers, partners, and subject matter experts to share insights, best practices, and successes for driving measurable business improvement.

8th May 2012


Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW to see the latest developments in Arch software. We’ve been working very closely with SAP on e-Forms, and have some fantastic mobile FLM demonstrations to share. We will also be sharing some success stories around Aquiller, our new correspondence management software. Early adopters are already seeing its potential and you can try it for yourself. There are lots of ways to find out about e-forms at SAPPHIRE NOW, click here to find out more!

25th April 2012

Buckinghamshire County Council go live with FLM Finance forms

Local government FLM customer Buckinghamshire County Council have expanded their use of FLM to include a number of Finance forms processes. Over the last 4 years, the Council has been using FLM to successfully automate an increasing number of HR processes and has now gone live with a series of Finance forms to manage the capture, approval and processing of requests for accounting entries.

“The Finance e-forms developed by Arch replace a number of cumbersome excel based processes for the capture and upload of journal entries, including year-end accruals and prepayments. This has removed the requirement for significant manual intervention in reviewing, correcting and uploading adjustments, as well as providing a tool to manage and report the completeness of year end submissions across Council departments and schools. ” said David Firth, SAP Service Manager at Buckinghamshire County Council. “Moving forward, we plan to extend our use of FLM even further in our drive to automate processes and reduce costs.”

1st February 2012

Northern Gas Networks launch Forms Lifecycle Manager initiative

24 October, 2011 – Northern Gas Networks has implemented a range of HR forms ahead of an SAP Business Suite roll-out. The FLM forms will assist the migration from an old legacy system to SAP Business Suite. “The e-forms developed by Arch replace a custom-built system that has now been decommissioned. The forms have been designed to replicate the old user interface and are a great way to collect data ready for updating SAP.” said Northern Gas Networks Head of IS Tom Bell. “Moving forward, we are looking forward to extend our use of FLM.”

30th January 2012

Arch make donation to the Woodland Trust from Aquiller sales

“We are delighted that Arch has chosen the Woodland Trust for their first Aquiller donation.” said Clare Allen [Head of Corporate Partnerships] of the Woodland Trust. “2012 will be a very busy year for the Woodland Trust as we celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with our Jubilee Woods project which will see us plant 6 million trees with help from millions of people across the UK. It is important for us that companies like Arch see the importance of our work.”

10th November 2011

EDF Energy goes live with FLM for Nuclear Generation business

A phased rollout of FLM has been undertaken as part of a wider project to migrate EDF Energy’s Nuclear Generation business to SAP Business Suite from an Oracle platform. Arch has been working with EDF Energy to define how SAP interactive forms can best complement standard SAP ESS functionality. “The new e-forms have been introduced really efficiently and have been adopted quickly by our users with few issues.” said Chris Dale of EDF Energy, “We are planning to use FLM in many other business areas in the future.”

10th November 2011

Gloucestershire County Council go-live with more FLM-powered processes

Gloucestershire County Council have extended their use of Forms Lifecycle Manager, introducing 2 new HR form processes. One of the new forms was developed by Arch and the other was developed in-house. “We are delighted with the new forms and anticipate the same process efficiency savings we have realised with FLM in the past.” said Cheryl Chambers of GCC. “We are working closely with Arch to define the next set of e-forms to introduce in early 2012.”

15th April 2011

Arch named as Gartner Cool Vendor 2011

Arch has been named by Gartner as a Cool Vendor for 2011 for its work in building systems that enhance the user experience for SAP customers. Henry Blythe, CEO of Arch commented: “This a fantastic accolade for Arch and I’m absolutely delighted that Gartner has recognised that FLM can deliver even more value from SAP customers’ investment in what is the world’s most powerful ERP system. We are really excited about turning the potential Gartner identified into many more great projects globally, as we continue to grow our business.”

15th November 2010

Arch announces support for HTML forms in FLM

Arch has announced that it will support the creation of HTML forms in FLM from release 295 SP3, due to ship in autumn 2011. This means that FLM now supports PDF, Flex and HTML forms in a single workflow. Andy Gardner, Head of Technology, commented: “With this capability FLM will be able to capture data from a much wider range of platforms, including Apple iPad, Blackberry and other handheld devices.” Arch will work closely with SAP to exploit SAP Mobile as it rolls out in 2011, with FLM’s HTML forms being fully integrated with SAP.

30th September 2010

New Partner for Arch in DACH

Arch has appointed German company J&S-Soft as its partner in the DACH region. Henry Blythe, Arch CEO said “The DACH market represents a tremendous opportunity for both Arch and J&S-Soft to bring the power of Adobe and SAP to organisations via Arch software. J&S-Soft is an outstanding SAP consultancy and I look forward to working with them and their customers in the coming years.” Dirk Jennerjahn, J&S-Soft MD, commented “J&S-Soft is absolutely delighted to be working with Arch and to be their partner in the DACH area.”